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Venetian plaster is a term for the finish of some plasters and for the description of new and updated forms of traditional Italian plaster finishes. The term covers a whole range of decorative plaster finishes from the very highly polished Venetian plaster and Marmorino to the rugged look of textured polished plasters.  Polished plaster itself tends to consist of slaked lime, marble dust, and/or marble chips, which give each plaster its distinctive look.   A lime-based polished plaster may contain over 40% of marble powder.

Polished plaster is mainly used internally, on walls and ceilings, to give a finish that looks like polished marble, travertine, or limestone.  Such plasters are usually applied over a primer and basecoat base, from one to four layers. They are finished (burnished) with a special steel trowel to a smooth glass-like sheen. Polished plaster is usually sealed with a protective layer of wax.   Venetian plaster can be used to create a highly polished, rock-hard, marble-like finish, and can be applied in many different colours.


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"Very pleased with the work completed by Revive from start to finish, very informative and work was completed to a high standard also very neat and tidy throughout"

Jane Mallinder

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