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Providing the highest quality in professional application of Venetian Plastering and strive for the utmost in client satisfaction, excellence and beauty in all our projects and work.  Fully insured.

Venetian Plaster can be applied onto select surfaces to create a stunning finish or to all the walls to create a dramatic transformation to the room.  The application process requires the knowledge of the materials and the technique, as well as the experience because timing, movements, pressure, and direction will greatly affect the results.  Venetian Plaster is commonly built with a minimum of three layers.  Each layer is hand trowel applied straight on to the wall.  We use a very high end product, which includes real marble dust and limestone along with all other organic ingredients, you can choose from many colours.


What are the Benefits of Venetian Plaster?

1. Versatility

Regardless of the type of interior, you are renovating, Venetian plastering can be easily applied to almost any surface. Pre-existing walls are easily transformed into structures that appear as sophisticated and modern. This material can also be used to patch old stone, wood, bricks, drywall, etc.


2. Easy Maintenance

Venetian polished plastering requires little maintenance. As this decorative finish is mixed with assorted pigments, it lasts for many years without fading which means a reduced need for painting of the walls. The simple and fast damping and drying of the plaster results in cleaning and maintenance that is much easier.


3. Durability

This Italian polished plastering is highly-durable. In fact, this material can last for several years. The plaster coating of this material transforms into a rock-like substance once it has dried. It has the ability to endure impact and small movements over the years and lasts longer than other paint finishes. This decoratively polished plastering would be a practical option for any home or business.


4. Unique

Venetian plastering consists of distinct elements and mineral composition making it matchless. These substances have high breathability which prevents any growth of fungus and moulds on the wall. This decorative plastering prevents the accumulation of moisture under the polished finish helping it hold moulds, bacteria, and dampness at bay.


5. Environmentally Friendly

One effective way to be eco-friendly is by installing Venetian plastering in your home or business. The materials in this plastering are all-natural, making it a remarkably beneficial and high-quality wall. This type of plastering provides enhanced and optimal air quality. The growth of mould, as well as other fungi, is prohibited with the anti-bacterial base provided from the lime. By adding plaster to a wall, you are essentially adding layers of protection and insulation that helps the wall to remain in good and pristine condition for many years to come.



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